From our group meeting in Slettestrand, Denmark.

Beyond technology in primary schools: the role of technology ownership in different subjects and the impact on pedagogy is a project involving three primary schools and three Universities from Denmark, Sweden and Finland. The project’s aim is twofold: First, we aim to identify the practices, and appropriateness of use when primary school students use ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) technology at school. Such technology could include any kind of smart technology (phones, tablets), but also cameras, digital watches and any applications that such devices may be using to access information or collect data. Second, we are interested how school-owned technology is used to connect with such devices including if they are used to collect information from students.

Our intention is to examine those practices in three country settings, to see if there are differences in practices, including those to do with trusting the handling of information with technology. Based on a shared interest in BYODs and how this is or may shape teaching and learning practices we are interested in exploring changes associated with this influx of student owned technology. The project involves networking and collaborative explorations of teachers, students and researchers and result in material resources that will be publicly shared about the opportunities and challenges of working with student owned digital devices.