Startup in Finland

The 15th of November the students of sixth grade and their parents had a meeting related to the Nord plus project in Finland. Two weeks before the meeting, the researchers and students have had a two-hour discussion where they pondered a question: “What your parents should know about you and your phone”. The answers students produced created the starting point for parents’ and student’s joint conversation. From the pupils’ viewpoint, there were three main concerns connected to the issue. Firstly, the pupils emphasized that their phones are purely private matters and should be respect by the parents. Secondly, it is important to act immediately when something comes up on line, for example if a friend sends a message. Thus, if something essential is unfinished, it makes hard to follow parent’s command to put the mobile phone away. Thirdly, parents should know that it is not about playing games in online all the time. The most important things in adolescents’ life are in online-world. The phone is like a soulmate for them.
These themes raised fruitful conversation and the wondering will be continued.