My phone in my life

What we did:
We asked the students in the 4th grade to write about their phones and how they use them.

The text should be based on the following topics:

The best thing about my phone
The bad thing about my phone
What I use it for
How I can use it in school



When we asked them to write about their phones they were excited. When they actually were allowed to take them out of their bags to draw a picture of them they could hardly believe it! According to their school’s policy they are not allowed to use their phones while they are in school but an exception can be made if the teacher allows them to use it for schoolwork.

When we read their stories it was obvious that they use it a lot but almost never to make phonecalls. They use it to visit social media to communicate with their friends, watch Youtube and play games on different apps. They also use it to text someone. It is also very obvious that they really like their phones and the only negative part about them is when they donĀ“t work the way they are supposed to.

In terms of school work most of them suggested that they could use the calculator during math class but that was about it. Since mobile phones are prohibited during the school day at Ribbybergsskolan- we interpret that this limits their thoughts and imagination on what to use them for. This is something that we can develop together with students during this project but we still have to consider the rules that are set for the school.