Year 2 meeting: Pizza, class and parents & lots of great presentations

The year started with a great get together! After having worked for a few weeks on their investigations to do with astronomy, more specifically ‘rotations and the universe’ the 8th graders at Sofiendalskole presented their projects to their interested parents.

Presentations included one in a stardome, set up in the school’s library.

Topics included how the Earth’s rotation and its relationship to the moon influences the tides.

The parents were paying full attention to each group’s presentation.

We continued the evening with looking back at the achievements of 2017 and our plans for the new year. Parents and students were also asked to review their consent to participate in the project.

Teacher Bjarne Poulsen and researcher Kathrin Otrel-Cass were sharing their plans and the focus of this year being technology use in the classroom.

The plans include:

Video observations of one full study unit over several weeks, and

joint video analysis of selected episodes by students, researchers and teachers.

The evening finished with lots of empty pizza boxes!!

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